Nic cage singing prince karaoke

Watch: Nicolas Cage singing Prince’s ‘Purple Rain’ at an L.A. karaoke bar

It’s been an odd few weeks for Nicolas Cage, even by his standards. Earlier in the month, he got drunkenly married to a woman in Las Vegas. He annulled the marriage four days later. And now? Well, now, he is singing, with all his soul, at karaoke bars.

The footage emerged from TMZ showing Nic Cage (we assume drunkenly) putting his heart and soul into a rendition of Prince’s ‘Purple Rain’ on the 3 year anniversary of the late singer’s untimely death.

As his recently made ex-wife claims the quickie-marriage to be real and seeks spousal support, at least Nic is finding some favour in the karaoke bars of L.A. And honestly, what a performance.  

Watch the footage below.

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