Watch new trailer for Spike Lee’s film 'BlacKkKlansman'


Spike Lee has released the new trailer for his forthcoming film BlacKkKlansman. 

The film, which is about an African-American cop who goes undercover in the KKK, focuses on focuses on Ron Stallworth – played by John David Washington – who worked as a police officer in the early ’70s.

The fact-based race drama, produced by Jordan Peele and the team behind his hit 2017 film Get Out, also stars Adam Driver playing the role of Stallworth’s colleague Flip Zimmerman along with stars Laura Harrier and Topher Grace.

“Ron Stallworth is reading the paper, the Colorado Springs Gazette, and the Klan put an ad in the paper that they needed new members,” Lee explained at a recent Tribeca film festival panel.

“Ron Stallworth thinks that it’s a goof so he calls up and, thinking it’s a joke, leaves his real name and phone number on a voicemail – and the Klan calls back. They say, ‘We want you to come down.’ Since he’s an African American, he can’t really show up for the interview. He has to get a white police officer to play him, and that’s Adam Driver.”