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Cannes 2022: Watch the new teaser for the latest David Cronenberg film

This year’s edition of Cannes has been getting a lot of traction on the internet because of several rumours about an upcoming David Lynch film which were propagated by insiders in the film industry. However, film fans will not be disappointed by the incredible Cannes 2022 lineup because it features a brand new project by David Cronenberg.

One of the pioneers of the body horror genre, Cronenberg is undoubtedly among the most important living auteurs. Known for conducting philosophical takes on the visceral nature of the horror genre, Cronenberg has produced many masterpieces over the years – ranging from the unparalleled vision of Videodrome to the sci-fi spectacle of The Fly.

Cannes organisers have confirmed that a brand new Cronenberg film is going to premiere at the festival this year. Titled Crimes of the Future, the film shares the same title with another Cronenberg project from 1970 but it is not a remake. Another sci-fi project, it will star Cronenberg’s frequent collaborator Viggo Mortensen alongside Kristen Stewart and Léa Seydoux.

“I’m 2,500 miles away from Hollywood and consider myself literally and figuratively halfway between Hollywood and Europe in terms of my cinema sensibility,” Cronenberg once said in an interview with The Guardian, explaining how he still exists on the margin of mainstream cinema while having a global audience.

While talking about his own experiences, he added: “Being a Canadian, being outside the mainstream of America – as Marshall McLuhan used to say – allows you to have perceptions that you could not have otherwise. Like they say: ‘A fish doesn’t know what water is.’ You have to be outside water to know what water is.”

Watch the new teaser for Crimes of the Future below.