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Watch Moment at Toronto art show thief walks out with £26,000 Banksy

At an art show in Toronto, Canada a man has been caught on CCTV allegedly stealing a Banksy print.

The incident happened around 5am local time, the man can be seen entering the gallery space on the 10th of June, he is seen checking the coast is clear and then quickly makes for the exit with the piece of artwork ‘Trolley Hunters’ under his arm.

City police have asked for public to come forward with any information relating to the alleged theft at the exhibition on an industrial estate in the west end neighbourhood of Toronto.

The painting is said to be worth £26,000 (C$45,000). It displays hunters in the undergrowth supposedly ready to capture the unsuspecting trolleys. Banksy, who is widely known across the country for his political pieces of artwork usually cropping up in unsuspecting areas.

The show was an ‘unauthorised’ show which had no involvement of Banksy who is still a secretive mystery to the world.