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Watch Metallica read one-star reviews of 'The Black Album'

Heavy metal icons Metallica read some one-star reviews of their seminal 1991 album, The Black Album, whilst appearing on US televison. As part of the celebrations for the album’s 30th anniversary, the band have released a brilliant covers compilation entitled The Metallica Blacklist, which features the likes of Elton John, Sam Fender and Phoebe Bridgers, to name but a few.

The hilarious review reading clip came during the band’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! (September 10), where they read out loud the one-star reviews from the Amazon website. Before the section, host Jimmy Kimmel noted that the album is certified 16 times platinum in the US, was Grammy award-winning and fittingly, is one of the best-selling records of all time.

Iconic drumming maestro Lars Ulrich went first, and his review opined: “This is by far one of the most loathsome crimes ever committed against music.” Ulrich returned: “Thank you for sharing that opinion.”

A different review, dispensed by lead guitarist Kirk Hammett, said: “Face it people, this album sucks. Anybody who thinks this horrible, atrocious, self-titled suck-o-rama CD is worth four or five stars must be braindead from smoking crack.” After this brilliant tongue in cheek segment, Metallica played two songs, ‘Holier Than Thou’ and ‘Wherever I May Roam’ outside the Los Angeles landmark, the Griffith Observatory.

Additionally, Elton John commented on the album during the band’s appearance on The Howard Stern Show last week, who gave some weighty praise to the album’s hit power ballad, ‘Nothing Else Matters’. He simply stated, “Listen, this is one of the best songs ever written”.

“It’s a song that never gets old. And playing on this track, I just couldn’t wait. The chord structure, the melodies, the time changes, it’s got drama written all over it.” His comments were so moving for the band that frontman James Hetfield shed tears due to this high praise from one of the best-beloved songwriters of all time.

Watch Metallica read one-star reviews of The Black Album below.