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(Credit: Warner Bros)


Watch the final 'Matrix Resurrections' trailer featuring Neo and Trinity

Many people are already looking forward to the holiday season but many more are exclusively waiting for The Matrix Resurrections which will be the latest addition to the franchise after an excruciatingly long wait. Despite all the denials of a sequel, Lana Wachowski has returned to the iconic sci-fi film series with what appears to be a promising follow-up.

In an earlier interview with Variety, Neil Patrick Harris commented on the improvisational nature of the filming process: “[The production] didn’t feel large because it felt like she was in her sweet spot, which was filming on the fly, filming using natural light. Sometimes you’d sit around for an hour waiting for the clouds to clear, and then you’d quickly film.”

He explained that Wachowski was exercising individual filmmaking sensibilities during the making of the new Matrix film, adding: “You’d film pages at a time in 30 minutes and then be done. You would think that a giant movie would be 100 per cent storyboarded, animatics, and we’d be checking off shots. I think she lived that before three times over, and I would suspect that she wants to do things her own way now.”

From the information available online and the trailers that were released, it is apparent that The Matrix Resurrections will start 20 years after events in The Matrix Revolutions. Although Neo is happily living under the illusion of a normal life, visions of his past memory come back to him when he encounters Trinity. The latest trailer for The Matrix Resurrections provides glimpses of these chance encounters.

Even Keanu Reeves, the star of the original trilogy, confirmed this change and welcomed it. Wachowski explained: “The power of technology to trap or limit our subjective reality [is an] important part of the new narrative.” Adding, “Art is a mirror. Most will prefer to gaze at the surface but there will be people like me who enjoy what lies behind the looking glass. I made this movie for them.”

Watch the latest and final trailer for The Matrix Resurrections below.