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(Credit: Cancha General)


Watch Lorde and Jack Antonoff cover Paul Simon's 'Me and Julio'


Almost everyone is familiar with Lorde, the New Zeland singer-songwriter who took the world by storm as a mere teenager with her very first album, Pure Heroine, off which the lead single, ‘Royals’ became one of the most recognisable songs at present.

Since her debut, Lorde has dipped in and out of the spotlight, always coming back with artfully crafted albums that show off her technical talent and her creative, conceptual songwriting. The most recent of which, Solar Powerhas proven yet another fruitful effort.

Although musician Jack Antonoff might have a slightly different sound and musical identity than Lorde, we can also see a little bit of crossover among the two musical talents. A musician in the band Fun. and the lead singer in indie-rock band Bleachers, his musical talents have been showcased in so many different venues.

It’s no surprise that when the pair decided to team up back in 2017 for Outside Lands, they chose to pay tribute to another great singer-songwriter, Paul Simon. The song they chose to cover together is ‘Me and Julio Down By the Schoolyard’.

Although this cover took place a few years ago now, it never fails to make an impact. It’s relaxed and casual, with the both of them starting out by taking a seat on the stage and bantering about walking around New York City barefoot.

His guitar playing and her vocalisation are both carefree and fun, allowing for a sweet and unique cover that could really only happen live. Partway, she holds out the mic so he can chime in with a few giggly lyrics.

For these two polished artistic singer-songwriters, it’s a treat to see them goof around and have fun, even if it’s just for a single song. He even changes the lyrics at the end to involve her name, which is a sweet touch. 

If you want to check out their cover of ‘Me and Julio Down By the Schoolyard’, you can take a listen down below.