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(Credit: Wikimedia Commons)


Watch Liam Gallagher perform classic songs from Oasis Debut album ‘Definitely Maybe’ for first time in years

Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher, who is currently on a role with his solo work at the minute, performed at Malahide Castle in Dublin last night.

In is headline show, which there are a few of this summer, he including some absolute classic tunes for early Oasis era that haven’t been played live in time.

Staples such as Rock ‘n Roll Star and Cigarettes and Alcohol are regulars in the Live Forever singers set. But in his latest string of headline show the Gallagher brother pulled out some classics.

Bring it on Down, which was originally meant to be their first single, was brought into the mix. As well as this a classic B-side, that could have easily been another single, was Listen Up,

And a song which,showed Oasis penchant for a chorus with Whatever.

It is good to see Liam Gallagher taking us back to such older and some would say better times. Especially with is headline grabbing Twitter posts that the media have been quick to jump on.

See clips from last night’s Dublin gig below: