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(Credit: Alamy)


Watch unearthed footage from Led Zeppelin’s Madison Square Garden concert in 1970


Led Zeppelin’s Madison Square Garden concert in 1970 has a fabled place in the lore of live rock ‘n’ roll history. Now, further footage has been unearthed for the first time to prove that all the glowing stories are far from fiction. 

The brief 8mm footage sees Robert Plant wail through the opening verse of ‘Immigrant Song’ before cutting to Jimmy Page raising the roof with the ‘Heartbreaker’ riff. 

The clip uploaded to YouTube was quickly flooded with comments of people’s recollections of being at the gig. “I was at the afternoon show that day,” DemoMan says. “Saw them 5 times over the years but they were the best ever on this day. None of the sloppiness that became part of their charm over time. Plant’s voice was super strong almost as high as the studio!”

While Todd Bradford added: “This is just powerful footage of a young Led Zeppelin. So much energy coming out of them. To me, it’s like they are sending a message out…’Welcome to the new age of rock n’ roll, this is how it’s done!’”

The show came at a point when the band were heading towards recording Led Zeppelin IV and their live show had a mix of honed skill and youthful adrenaline, so much so, that even the band claims it’s “one of their best” concerts. 

You can check out the footage below. 

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