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Credit: Alamy


Watch Keith Moon and Steve Martin destroy a hotel room


You’ve no doubt heard of the stereotype of rock stars destroying hotel rooms and leaving a mess for others to find in their wake. While most tales are often left in the ether of rock and roll mythology, there’s remains a piece of very vintage video footage floating around that plays off the typical trope.

The video features none other than Keith Moon, the drummer of The Who, and Steve Martin, the comedian and actor. In the video, Steve Martin walks into Keith Moon’s hotel room, where the two of them engage in a wacky series of events in order to destroy the hotel room. This includes smashing through walls and throwing TV sets out the windows.

The video is obviously in jest, shot back in 1977 as a sketch for a Rolling Stone special. It’s the sort of goofy physical comedy that you just don’t see all too often nowadays, which makes it even more special to check out.

Although the two of them are clearly tearing the hotel room to shreds as part of a comedy bit, there are some select famous faces who have been known to cause some serious damages in their temporary lodging. Unfortunately, Keith Moon is actually one of them. In fact, he was one of the people who started the trend in the first place.

Talking more specifically, during his stay at a Holiday Inn in Flint, Michigan, Moon held a rager in his hotel room that culminated in a night in jail, a $24,000 hotel damage bill, and a permanent lifetime ban from any Holiday Inn. Additionally, his evening involved a girl jumping out of a cake and the destruction of hotel room furniture.

But Moon isn’t alone in his hotel-trashing habits. In fact, there are a few now-iconic names you might not expect who have done the same—or at least similar things. Keith Richards is among these celebrities, as well as the members of Nirvana, Michael Jackson, Aerosmith, Amy Winehouse, Lindsay Lohan, and Johnny Depp.

However, there are also quite a few odd ones out there that you wouldn’t expect. Florence Welch has trashed hotel rooms before (with Kanye West, apparently), and so have Kate Moss, Salvador Dalí, and Britney Spears (not due to Hollywood partying, but instead due to hectic motherhood life with two young boys).

However, it appears that even if his scene partner could throw down in their temporary abode, Steve Martin is not one known to trash a hotel room, making the sketch truly just a joke and a fantasy for at least one of the pair.

If you want to take a look at the whole sketch and have a good laugh, you can watch it down below.