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Credit: NBC/SNL


Watch Grimes appear as Princess Peach on SNL with Elon Musk


Elon Musk hosted this week’s (8 May) Saturday Night Live and welcomed a surprise appearance from Grimes as Princess Peach as part of a Super-Mario skit. Musk took on the role of Wario in the courtroom drama and offered some iconic moments.

Grimes showed up as Princess Peach as part of the courtroom sketch and saw the popstar join her partner for a memorable appearance. You can watch the clip below.

It was the singer’s first appearance on the landmark late-night show and saw her and Musk join forces in the courtroom sketch.

Recently, Grimes mused on Twitter why she hadn’t yet been offered a musical guest spot on the legendary show: “The music booker from SNL came to my show once but I literally concussed myself in the first ten mins of the show, blacked out and played a famously horrific set that I have no memory of and I think the booker thinks im the worst live act ever haha but kinda funny anecdote.”

Musk hosted the show and, within his opening monologue, opened up about his Asperger’s diagnosis. He also said he believed in a “renewable energy future” and “I believe that humanity must become a multi-planetary, space-bearing civilisation […]Those seem like exciting goals, don’t they?”

The billionaire later appeared as Mario’s nemesis Wario, accused of the former’s death, with Grimes making a special Princess Peach appearance, accused of sleeping with Luigi.

It’s another ludicrous skit from the long-running show and you can watch it below.