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Watch Fontaines D.C. tear through 'Nabokov' on 'Late Night with Seth Meyers'

Ireland’s hottest export Fontaines D.C. embarked on their lengthy US tour earlier this week in support of their critically acclaimed new album, Skinty Fia. As part of the celebrations, the band stopped off at Late Night with Seth Meyers, to deliver a stunning rendition of their swirling cut, ‘Nabokov’.

The last time the Dubliners went stateside, they appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, for a theatrical performance of ‘Jackie Down the Line‘; however, it is safe to say they’ve just eclipsed it. The performance of ‘Nabokov’ is captivating, with the band sounding better than they do on record, and you can’t help but think that the quintet are about to truly explode in America.

The new performance also represents something of a minor triumph for the band, as they had to cancel their headline show at Boston’s Paradise Rock Club on April 25th due to frontman Grian Chatten coming down with a nasty bout of laryngitis. Well, with this rendition of ‘Nabokov’, it’s a miracle that Chatten ever had laryngitis at all. His vocal performance is flawless and carries much more of a bite than the Skinty Fia version. 

Awarding Skinty Fia an 8.6, Far Out‘s Tyler Golsen said: “Sonically, Fontaines D.C. embrace hypnotic rhythms, lighter guitar tones, and even danceable rhythms throughout Skinty Fia. Perhaps the biggest surprise is Chatten’s new approach to vocals, which retain the detached monotone that has become his signature sound while actually tapping into melody.”

He concluded: “Fontaines D.C. are one of the few bands that are able to successfully broaden their appeal without sacrificing what makes them so unique in the first place. For anyone who had heard the praise that this band was getting but was turned off by the darkness and intensity of A Hero’s Death, then Skinty Fia is the perfect album to take the dive. It will no doubt serve as the entry point for scores of new fans in the future, which ultimately makes the lighter turn on Skinty Fia an unquestionable success.”

Watch the band storm through ‘Nabokov’ below.

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