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(Credit: Filmawi)


Watch Fontaines D.C. tackle the classic heist genre with new ‘Roman Holiday’ video


Fontaines D.C. have launched one of the stand-out tracks from their latest album Skinty Fia with a new video that pays homage to the classic heist era of cinema in the 1970s. 

The brooding, moody brilliance of ‘Roman Holiday’ sees its brashy bassline paired with the noir stylings of bags of money, baggy suits, and trunk shots, for a film fitting of the fantastic third album anthem.

Speaking about the video, director Sam Taylor commented that it was “the result of attempting to challenge the monarchy and watching too much of The Rockford Files”. And clearly, he hoped to avoid a pastiche of the rather more obvious cinematic choice: Roman Holiday

While the video might be Taylor’s creation, it is nevertheless indicative of the band’s increasing bent toward growing creative experimentation. 

As they told us when we caught up with them ahead of the release of the record and their team-up with Jameson’s whisky for a St. Patrick’s Day celebration: “Maybe some of these songs are just layered and a bit more lush kind of sounds instead of it being like Dogrel, which was so kind of choppy and one-dimensional.”

Conor Curley continued: “I think for this album, the kind of development was – well, especially because we had quite a lot of time to write it – when we were demoing it, we were kind of really trying to build more layers and really work between the bass and the drums to make it as banging as possible for those songs.”

You can check out the heist-themed video for ‘Roman Holiday’ below. 

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