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(Credit: Lars Crommelinck Photography)

Watch Billie Eilish ask a bunch of kids "When we fall asleep where do we go?"


Billie Eilish was doing the promotional run of late-night shows when she took to Jimmy Kimmel Live on Friday night. While she was there she got to ask a bunch of kids the question that adorns her debut LP “When we fall asleep where do we go?”

While Eilish is undoubtedly a huge star following on from her debut record and the huge smash hit single ‘bad guy’, the real stars of this clip are the kids. Their answers to Eilish’s question range from the wildly creative to the handsomely disturbing.

In one response from a child named Atticus, is a rather positive outloook on life. He answers “You could pretty much go anywhere,” he continues, “Like the desert, India, the West times or the mummy times, or dinosaur times, or prehistoric times.”

While another child talked about zombies, to which Eilish gives her seal of approval, the slightly stranger answer was yet to come. A child called Michael answered the question in reference to Pennywise the clown from Stephen King’s IT, he said: “I’ve seen him before.”

Eilish asked whether that was in his dreams? “No. In real life. I bought him here. He’s on top of your head. He’s sitting on your head and eating candy and he’s eating a cat, and a dog, and a duck, and a fox, and a person. And he’s drinking a grandmother. And he’s eating you.”

Eilish concluded, “You’re a weird little dude, Michael.”