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Watch as Nick Cave interviews Marianne Faithfull

Nick Cave has decided to sit down with his collaborator Marianne Faithfull in a full and open interview.

The duo, who recently released a new song entitled ‘The Gypsy Faerie Queen’, joined together once more in conversation to discusses Faithfull’s new album Negative Capability.

As they move on from the new record talk, Faithful begins to divulge into the “dark memories of the 1960s and goes on to confess that she even considered that perhaps she had “[fallen] into the wrong life” by moving into the music business.

“I was seventeen when I was discovered,” she tells Cave.

“Andrew Oldham [The Rolling Stones‘ manager] saw me at this party, and he didn’t do it because he thought I could sing, but because I was very pretty. That’s what he saw, he thought I had a commercial face!”

She added: “Suddenly my whole life just did a somersault and instead of going to Cambridge or Oxford I was in Atlantic studios with Mick  and Keith singing ‘As Tears Go By.’”

Here’s the clip: