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Credit: JagJaguwar


Watch Angel Olsen perform 'Chance' and 'Summer' on Jimmy Kimmel


As Angel Olsen continues to promote her fantastic 2019 album All Mirrors and last night she took to the stage of Jimmy Kimmel Live to perform the sumptuous tracks ‘Chance’ and ‘Summer’.

Following October’s performance on Kimmel’s late-night rival Jimmy Fallon’s late show, Olsen was back on television to give a few different cuts their prime audience. She chose to avoid ‘All Mirrors’, which she performed on Fallon, for two of the album’s deeper cuts.

It’s an album that is destined to be near the top of all the upcoming end of year lists and one we felt merited a 4.5/5 score. Olsen opened up to us about her latest LP, All Mirrors “For me personally and objectively, this is a record about facing yourself and learning to forgive what you see.” And that holds up as All Mirrors remains a perfect self-reflection of the artist and her journey.

“This was the first time I’ve made a record where all the pieces came in slowly, one at a time.” The album feels all the better for it. Whereas previous efforts from Olsen have felt clean and crisp – slick, this is an organic product that has been matured and honed to perfection.

Watch below as Angel Olsen takes to Jimmy Kimmel Live to perform ‘Chance’ and ‘Summer’.