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(Credit: Hulu)


Watch Amanda Seyfried star in the trailer for 'The Dropout'

Amanda Seyfried has enjoyed a fascinating career that has enabled her to work on extremely famous romps such as Mean Girls that have had a definitive impact on American popular culture. On the other end of the spectrum, Seyfried has also engaged in serious dramatic work through modern gems like Paul Schrader’s First Reformed.

In recent years, Seyfried has continued to add to her filmography by starring in minor films which have flown under the radar as well as others that gained a lot of traction. A perfect example of that is David Fincher’s 2020 film Mank – the Netflix production about Herman J. Mankiewicz’s work on the screenplay of Citizen Kane.

According to the latest reports, Seyfried is set to further her career in television through a lead role in an upcoming miniseries called The Dropout. The show will tell the story of Elizabeth Holmes (played by Seyfried), an infamous entrepreneur in the biotechnology domain whose meteoric rise and fall was nothing less than cinematic.

Named among “the world’s most disappointing leaders”, Holmes was the CEO of a company called Theranos – a blood test startup based in Silicon Valley which she worked on after dropping out of Stanford University. However, it was soon found out that the revolutionary blood test methods of Theranos were actually fraudulent.

The series is set to premiere on Hulu and Disney+ from March of this year which is perfect timing since Holmes’ sentencing is scheduled later this year, with the fraudster facing up to 20 years in prison. The whole project is actually based on a podcast of the same name, hosted by American journalist Rebecca Jarvis.

Watch the trailer for The Dropout below.