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Watch Alex Lahey cover Natalie Imbruglia’s 90’s hit ‘Torn’

One of our favourite singer/songwriter’s to emerge from the burgeoning scene down under is Alex Lahey – sorry, Courtney. Her ability to create romanticised pop songs about everyday life has long been a reason to love the scuzzy siren. Now we have another as she covered one of the hit records of the 90’s for Triple J Radio’s ‘Like A Version’.

She covered fellow aussie Natalie Imbruglia’s chart-topping 90’s hit ‘Torn’, as well as one from her brilliant EP B-Grade University, ‘You Don’t Think You Like People Like Me’. As you might imagine, she didn’t exactly go word for word on the 90’s heartbreak hit, she added a layer of gritty fuzz, and heaps of riffs to make the track her own.

Even for her own track she changed the pace a little and removed some of the bold brass of the recorded version of ‘You Don’t Think You Like People Like Me’ and instead stripped back the track and added some vulnerability. Alex Lahey has got a lot of different tools in her tool kit, and she’s not afraid to use them all.