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(Credit: Wassailer)


Wassailer releases video for 'Trad'


Wassailer, the newest face in London’s alt-rap scene, has released a video for the song ‘Trad’, the second track from his debut album I, the bastard.

“Originally called ‘let go’, it was an attempt to mix Irish trad with trap,” the artist explains about the song’s origins. “I tried to replicate the sounds of flutes and Irish drums with a recorder and a tabla and a lot of EQ and pitching, edited in a 3/4 time signature and put on a loop.”

You can hear that strange incongruity throughout the track. On top of a relatively straight forward beat, waves of synths, sampled keyboards, and bizarre woodwinds float around as Wassailer mumble-sings about wealthy oppression and giving hugs to strangers. Whether it’s ironic or sincere is completely up to whether you view this guy as a playful jokester or a painfully sincere artist trying to make a statement.

Statement art isn’t a bad thing, but muddled white boy hip hop trying to make a statement might be. A line like “Let go/of your habits and your faiths/what you believe/and your phone/yep” is either hilarious or pseudo-self help dreck.

“However, I’m obsessed with related harmonies and related rhythms, so it ended up being a fun mess,” he continues. “My niece Kaé was around when I recorded the vocals so it’s her shouting ‘aaah’ at the end of the ‘let go’, and making all the noises. I suppose the fact that I can’t stand conservationism made sense lyrically and musically, though I tried to turn it into something light and positive.”

Well that’s nice, isn’t it? What I do know is that Wassailer looks goofy as hell in the video for ‘Trad’. Goofy, but in an endearing way. If you rock a chain that says ‘Fuck The Daily Mail’, you’ve automatically ended up on my good side.

Check out the video for ‘Trad’ down, below.