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Warpaint - No Way Out (Redux)

Los Angeles quartet Warpaint have come back with a new song, ‘No Way Out (Redux)’, which is so great it has taken our Track of the Day title this time around.

The song is very much a step away from the material that was heard on their self-titled album two years ago, distancing itself from the more danceable sound and electronic-tinged production that was heard back then.

Instead, it is a return to the moody psychedelia that was found on The Fool. The whole thing is, however, anchored by a toe-tapping bass line that manages to help the track achieve the difficult task of being both otherworldly and catch at the same time.

The difference in sound perhaps explains why Warpaint were heard playing ‘No Way Out, while touring the last record, but made the decision not to include it on the album.

According to the band themselves, the release is the first of a number of one-off tracks that they will unveil throughout 2015 on Rough Trade. Keep your eyes peeled for more of the same is most definitely our advice!

Listen to ‘No Way Out (Redux)’ below.

Patrick Davies