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Warpaint - Disco//Very

Continuing our Primavera theme, today’s Track of the Day is Warpaint’s ‘Disco//Very’, a bassy stomper from the Cali girls’ second studio album that surely had the Catalan crowd bouncing on opening night.

Released last year, the self-titled follow-up album is in general subtler in sound when compared to ‘Disco//Very’, which, because of this, has everything about it to make it an instant crowd pleaser in any festival set.

Because the bands at Primavera don’t start until the evening, there is time a plenty to get suitably jaded and in the mood to move, the thud from the bass drum and the bass loop of ‘Disco//Very’ being more than enough to entice anyone from behind their sunglasses to find their groove early on in the festival day.

Although not officially a single, ‘Disco//Very’ surfaced last month in the form of a double music video, preceding album counterpart ‘Keep It Healthy’. Directed by Laban Pheidias (Caught Clean/American Misfits) the video sees the Warpaint girls dancing round the streets of LA, later to be joined by a host of pro-skaters including Justin Eldridge and Rob Smith – the ‘Disco//Very’ part of the video being set in the day and the ‘Keep it Healthy’ part (as you might have guessed) being set at night.

If you were lucky enough to catch Warpaint at Primavera on Thursday, we hope they got you in the mood for everything else that followed.