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Warmduscher have saved your week with their new track 'Standing On The Corner'

We’re big fans of Warmduscher and their sludgey version of the world that surrounds us, and we were as excited as everybody else upon hearing the announcement of their album Whale City out soon.

But being the greedy millennial pigs that we are, we wanted something to sink our teeth in to NOW! Luckily, the band are the same breed of pig and have shared a brilliant new cut form the album titled ‘Standing On The Corner’.

Warmduscher master of ceremonies, Mr Clams Baker describes ‘Standing On The Corner’ as ‘a love song dedicated to all those things they told us not to love: the late nights, the painted nails, the rolling eyes, the cheap perfume, the pain in your chest as you approach a stranger. Giving in to the freedom of letting go. Chasing and not caring about where it takes you

Let’s not waste your time by explaining it much further. Take a listen below and enjoy it you filthy swine!