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War Child announce ‘Dear John’ album in tribute to John Lennon


War Child UK is a charity that aims to raise funds to help support young people afflicted by conflict and war and they have frequently teamed up with musicians in order to do this. The 9th of October last year marked what would’ve been John Lennon’s 80th birthday and, in tribute to the late music legend, the organisation has curated an album to celebrate his legacy.

The album consists of live recordings from last year’s virtual charity concert organised by Blurred Vision frontman Sepp Osley. 

Osley told NME, “I began reaching out to artists around the world who I respected and admired. Before I knew it, an unbelievable roster of artists had signed up and were going to be a part of the 80th birthday celebrations for our mutual hero and help us raise money for the charity so close to my heart.”

Osley was born in Iran at the height of the conflicts in the 1980s and much of his childhood was spent fleeing the war. His family finally made it to Canada and the War Child charity has always been something that he hoped to one day raise money for.

Featured on the record is an eclectic mix of musicians from KT Tunstall to Maxi Jazz of Faithless, and of course, Blurred Vision themselves, all taking on some of Lennon’s finest songs. 

The album is set for release on June the 11th with all proceeds going to War Child UK. Taking place during the height of the pandemic last year. the virtual concert represented a huge endeavour, that incredibly turned into one of the most exciting productions offered up last year.

You can check out a trailer as well as the tracklisting for the album below. 


1. ‘Strawberry Fields Forever – Blurred Vision’
2. ‘Real Love – Blurred Vision Feat Laura Jean Anderson’
3. ‘Don’t Let Me Down – Blurred Vision Feat Mollie Marriott’
4. ‘Across The Universe – Graham Gouldman Of 10cc’
5. ‘Norwegian Wood – Nick Van Eede Of Cutting Crew’
6. ‘Power To The People – Maxi Jazz Of Faithless’
7. ‘Tomorrow Never Knows – Gowan Of Styx’
8. ‘Dear John – Blurred Vision Feat Nick Van Eede’
9. ‘A Day In The Life – Blurred Vision’
10.’Gimme Some Truth – Kt Tunstall’
11. ‘I’m Only Sleeping – John Illsley Of Dire Straits’
12. ‘Instant Karma – Blurred Vision Feat Mollie Marriott’