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WALL have us bricking it with ‘Milk’


Brooklyn band WALL are one of those bands who have a scary energy. Not particular dark or moody but their energy is something that is intangible, un predictable and entirely frothing with anticipation, like a plug socket with a fork sticking out of it. ‘Milk’ is our Track of the Day.

The band are starting to build themselves a reputation and with the release of their self-title debut EP out in January 2016 we think they may take next year by the scruff of the neck and do as they please with it.

‘Milk’ is testament to that. All buzzing with energy it slowly builds with exploding, something which feels far more intense than the explosion itself. Meandering around so many genres it’d be boring to name them the best thing about this band is their bubbling energy.

The lyrics are worth a look too “The Sky opened up, the milk poured out, They say that is the way” – like a demented Bowie.

Ladies and gents, welcome to Monday. Thanks WALL