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WALL go black and white for ‘Last Date’ video


The post-punk band are continue to set themselves apart, this time with a distinctly monochrome video for their track ‘Last Date’.

The track itself is wildly minimal and leaves spaces for the mind to wander across the plains whilst being bombarded with angular guitar lines and hammer like vocals. This is matched in the video as the basic budget dictated a more DIY approach. “With no budget to speak of, you ask yourself, ‘What do I have?” explained the video’s director Karen Cinorre, speaking to Consequence of Sound. ”I have a bicycle wheel and some glitter,’ and you make that transformative. I love the raw, driving quality of ‘Last Date’. I embraced that, and set out to make a video that looks like the song itself, not like a string of images applied on top of it. WALL was game to do something abstract, black and white and free from any narrative.”

Taken from the band’s self-titled and frankly brilliant EP, which gets its third physical release in January via Wharf Cat, ‘Last Date’ was actually written during the band’s first ever band practice.