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WALL get a bit weird with ‘Milk’


New York post-punks WALL have been thrilling us with every second of music they’ve released so far. The latest to get our blood pumping is the new video for track ‘Milk’. Taken from their self-titled debut EP the band express an ominous feeling.

The music is exquisite as usual, a deep hum of angst permeates every note and the lyrics see fit to enhance this. But the video is the most unsettling thing. Starting off with the band eating fondue with their cat (obviously) two sinister looking children enter and begin to take control. Creating a masterplan of murder it becomes a little unnerving to say the least.

“I was amazed at how willing and able the young girls were to play along with being part of the ominous environment director Kevin Hayden and his team created, then again, we were basically doing a grown up version of make-believe so maybe they thought everything was perfectly normal. Ram Jam (Ramona Brooks) our cat-actor totally stole the show- she’s everyone’s favorite celebrity now”  said frontwoman Sam York.

Take a look for yourself and wonder in the majesty of Ram Jam.