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W. H. Lung release new song 'Second Death Of My Face'


Manchester three piece, W. H. Lung, have released their new anthemic electronic single ‘Second Death Of My Face’.

In what initially formed as a studio project, W. H. Lung have put together a brilliantly polished synth pop sound built out of pure desire for the music. As their reputation begins to grow, so does the fan demand for live shows – something the band will be dipping their toes into this summer.

“I put down some nonsense for melody over an early draft and when I listened back it sounded like ‘my face, my face’,” singer Joseph E. explains. “The images that followed seemed filmic and the idea went from there. The chorus came to me as I fiddled on the piano in Central Library. It was big and unashamed and I was thinking of Bowie.

“My phone had died so I couldn’t record it as a voice note. I remember the panic of not wanting to lose the melody and of needing to try the idea out (out loud). I rushed home with my eyes half closed, singing it over and over in my head. It’s about watching your own life lived,” he added.

Here it is, Far Out’s Track of the Day: