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Vulkano Playlist Explained

The wonderfully eccentric Vulkano have curated this week’s homepage playlist, we spoke to the Swedish post-punk duo who have explained how these 15 tracks have had an influence on the creation of their debut album, ‘Live Wild Die Free‘.

1.     Lorelei – A magical song. We admire Elizabeth Fraser for her unique way of composing perfect singing melodies. We also love her totally crazy lyrics and how she express’s them.

2.     Lucifer Sam – Pink Floyd is one of our biggest inspirations. The hole album The Piper at the Gates of Dawn is a stroke of genius.

3.     Dum Maro Dum – This song was introduced to us by Cissi’s brother. We always play it when we DJ, it seems to put a room in a good mood.

4.     Ghost Rider – This is an old favourite of ours. It makes us want to dance! It has such a great energy and we will never get tired of it. Love the groans!

5.     Typical Girls – We just love the attitude of this song. So cool. Aggression expressed in a fun way. It’s inspiring.

6.     Bohemian like you – This is such a happy pill! I feel wohowoooo! Especially like, the drum part in the break down.

7.     This is not a love song – This kind of describes the theme of our album. No love songs! Cissi wishes her voice was more like Johnny Rottens.

8.     Erase you – I’d say ESG are our role models, they are indescribably cool. Love the dog barking in the end. More animal sounds to the people!

9.     Poupee de cire poupee de son – Love how dramatic this song is. We have no idea what it’s about ,we just feel like we’re in a film listening to it. We have very long hair flying in the wind and we ride horses over hills and down the valleys and we’re on a very important task and we gonna make it because we are heroines. We also look really good.

10.   Happy house – Such a perfect song. Everything about this song is genius. Hats off!

11.   Of moons, Birds & Monsters – It was hard to choose one song from MGMT. We just wanted to put them all on the list. MGMT is one of the best bands that are active now, we saw them play live on their last tour when they visited Stockholm, It was truly beautiful.

12.   Yoshimi Battles the pink robots part 1 – Listen closely to the lyrics. We love Wayne Coyne’s imaginative little stories, they’re so clever and funny. They’ve inspired Cissi a lot in her song writing.

13.   Aphrodisiac – We love bunduri drums! They are so catchy and nicely aggressive. This is a must dance song.

14.   Ever fallen in love (with someone you shouldn’t’ve)? – Such a great punk song it’s so simple and awesome.

15.   Miau miau (Gato Savaje) – Who doesn’t love songs about cats? Mewing through a whole song is something that could never possible go wrong.