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Credit: Michael Putland


Viv Albertine's memoirs set to be adapted for TV series

Legendary guitarist and quite possibly one of the most overlooked influences in rock music, Viv Albertine, has revealed that her critically acclaimed memoirs, Clothes, Clothes, Clothes. Music, Music, Music. Boys, Boys, Boys from 2014 and To Throw Away Unopened from 2018, are being turned into a TV series.

Albertine may have made some serious waves as the guitarist in the punk band The Slits, but it could be argued that her writing was just as powerful as her music. In the aforementioned titles, Albertine offered up a candid view of the music business not many got to see.

A deal has been agreed between Albertine and producers, Stephen Woolley, Elizabeth Karlsen and Rachael Horovitz, to develop the books into a TV series.

The guitarist said she was “so happy” confirming that the trio of producers were the right choice as they were “sensitive to the extremely personal nature of the work and I knew the books were in the hands of producers with integrity.”

The producers were enthusiastic about working with “an exciting and exhilarating prospect to re-explore a time when music, fashion, political ideologies and sexuality were turned on their heads … The story of a working-class girl fighting for a place and voice in a restrictive world, Viv’s story is a kaleidoscope of painful truth and witty honesty.”

The two books offer up a vision of Albertine’s life thus far. In the first memoir, she chronicles her rise through the punk ranks as one of the scene’s prominent voices and on toward motherhood and surviving cervical cancer.

In the second edition, she steers the reader towards what she knows and opens up about her familial relationships, “I set out to write a thriller about an unpleasant, middle-aged woman who constantly fantasised about murder. It turned out that woman was me,” she told The Guardian.

We may well be a while off seeing this on our screens so we suggest you get some homework in and pick up either of these great titles.