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VIDEO: Cheatahs - Controller


London based shoe gazers Cheatahs have released the video to accompany their new track ‘Controller’. ‘Controller’ taken from EP The Sunne above all else, is an incredible song filled with reverb vocals and a breakdown which has enough punch to knock out the biggest arcade bully.

The song peaks and troughs with undoubted intelligence and diligence but the video is almost a work of art in itself. Urdaneta’s (a friend of the band) cinematography is above it’s class as a promo video and strikes more as a short film than anything else.

The protagonists enjoy the fruits of youth whilst existentially contemplating death, embellished by the subtle use of subtitles which over-dub the actual words spoken by the girls. It’s tricks like this that put not only the video in it’s own category but the band as well.

As an extension of the band’s creative work it rings as true as Radiohead’s ‘Just’ and affirms Cheatahs as a band of the moment and most definitely of all our futures.

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Jack Whatley