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VIDEO: Baby Strange 'VVV'


The Glaswegian grimers Baby Strange after announcing their recent tour have now released the arthouse video to accompany new track ‘VVV’. The band are steeped in moody, darkened design and take this, along with their token tip of the hat to the underbelly of society, to a newly produced and wonderfully executed track ‘VVV’ accompanied by an equally fantastic video.

The video is as poignant and curated as the song, plastering images across and otherwise darkened face. Socially wry and stinking of the post-punk rhythms we have come to associate with Baby Strange they easily exude an air of sinister confidence.

‘VVV’ has a bass line which bounds across the airwaves like a rabid Rottweiler leading the pack of guitars and drums in to a fight they are having with themselves. But with enough growling and bearing of teeth Baby Strange are starting to prove their bark is as bad as their bite.

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Jack Whatley