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Victor Erice set to direct first new feature film in 30 years

Victor Erice is one of the most important filmmakers in the history of Spanish cinema. Primarily known for his pioneering masterpiece The Spirit of the Beehive which has become a world cinema classic, Erice hasn’t been a prolific director over the years but his few contributions have received widespread acclaim from fans and scholars.

While Erice has worked on several short films, the Spanish auteur’s last feature came 30 years ago. Titled Dream of Light or The Quince Tree Sun, the film meditates on artistic struggles and the creative process through the story of the famous painter Antonio López García who desperately tries to translate a moment of perfect beauty.

In an interview, Erice once said: “I try not to indulge too much in autobiographical aspects. Obviously I fear that it would only be looked at from that point of view and, in that case, I would consider my work to be a failure. I aspire to be able to reach more universal points than just my own story because I consider myself an ordinary or common citizen.”

Adding, “It’s more like an experience. I don’t feel that I chose cinema or films. I feel they chose me. I don’t mean this to be pretentious. In my childhood, films were fundamentally important. In a country that, especially in the 1940s, was very isolated from the rest of the world and marked by the Civil War, films gave me an extraordinary possibility to be a citizen of the world.”

Now, it looks like Erice is finally ready to make his return to the world of cinema with a brand new feature after a hiatus of 30 long years. According to the latest reports, Canal Sur is working with Erice on this new production and they have revealed that José Coronado and Maria Leon are set to star in the film which is being called Close Your Eyes.

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