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Vertical Slump - Tether

Saturday is a day for fun, sun and getting hammered. However sometimes there is no use fighting the grey of Britain and indulging in some heavy post-punk. That’s what we have done for today’s Track of the Day.

Vertical Slump, a band consisting of members from Omi Palone, Circuit Breaker and Gloss Rejection, have just unleashed a healthy does of concrete class into our veins with their new single ‘Tether’.

The song thumps its way through your skull like an unrelenting pulse of a mallet, ‘Tether’ is taken from the new EP Ruined Value being released via Icecapades on October 2nd.

The relentless pace is compounded with each punch of the vocal which strings the components together to deliver a noose we’d love to put our necks in. ‘Tether’ highlights what a great act Vertical Slump could be about to become.

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