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(Credit: Jenny Fjelberg Lunde)


Veps share new song 'Girl on TV'

Veps - 'Girl on TV'

Norwegian indie rockers Veps have release their latest single, the unhurried and isolating ‘Girl on TV’, the latest preview of their upcoming debut EP Open the Door.

“’Girl on TV’ is more like a story with a narrative than any other of our songs. It follows a girl growing up in a home where she doesn’t feel like she is being seen,” says the band. “Ultimately it’s a song about loneliness and idealisation. It’s about how lonely it can feel to grow up in an emotionally distant household, and how it’s so easy to compare your own life to others when you’re in a bad place yourself.”

Last time we checked in with Veps they were sharing the awesomely ’90s indebted alt-rocker ‘Ecstasy’. Just like ‘Ecstasy’, ‘Girl on TV’ comes with a self-directed music video featuring little more than the band miming the song on air guitars and standing in front of projections of themselves. Veps are leaning hard into a very rough and ready DIY aesthetic, and I am absolutely here for it.

“We planned it on the train back from a gig in Trondheim, but another lockdown happened right after we got home so we had to improvise a lot as we were filming and didn’t really know how it would turn out until the final edit,” the band said of the video. “We wanted it to have a more introspective tone that reflects the song itself, while still maintaining that not-so-serious ‘cheeky’ undertone.”

This quartet is, quite simply, a kick ass rock band. Full stop. Whether they’re burning through rave up rockers or slowing it down for more thoughtful tracks, there are always rough edges that the band doesn’t seem interested in smoothing out. Cheap sounding guitars and imperfect harmonies really can create beautiful music, and Veps keeping proving it with each new single.

Check out the video for ‘Girl on TV’ down below. Open the Door is set for a June 11 release.