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Velvet Veins - Bound To Pretend


The Velvet Veins, sounds like the title to an Oscar Wilde short story doesn’t it? Well in this case it is, in fact, the name of a French band whose aching electric/acoustic jaunt we happen to have honed and made Track of the Day.

Residing in Parisian suburbs, much like Oscar’s dear soul, Velvet Veins have mustered a sound of splendour by channelling the energy of the Deep South bluesmen and Delta drifters of captivating times passed.

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The group’s main architects, Theo Lawrence (vocals,guitar) and Felix Beguin (guitar) cite the sublime skills of all from Robert Johnson to Jack White as influence for their sound, listening to ‘Bound To Pretend’ I can certainly fathom the former and think of an abstract few more to join.

The bohemian culture, anguish riddled literature of Albert Camus and those hazy post – session walk home serenades, accompanied only by the dawn’s winged choir, all creep into mind come the initial chord change, but it’s  the opium narcotic of  love, it’s heavenly addiction and callous comedown that eventually prevails as we move through a majestic five minute piece of music.

                   “Loosen up your reins, I need to fall twice”

To finish this piece without commenting on Lawrence’s phenomenal vocal would be a most heinous crime, so here it is, but what must also be said is that each member plays a fundamental part in maintaining the emotional balance between the gritty tragedy and lustful beauty that ‘Bound To Pretend’ oozes. Amidst rasping whiskey drenched coos and acoustic cries, transient bongos and subtle infusions of bass reinforce belligerence and ecstasy in equal measure resulting in a track that captures, if you were to ask me, the complete essence of what music is.

Bravo Velvet Veins, vous avez capturé mon coeur.

Joshua Hevicon