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(Credit: Val Kilmer / Press)


Val Kilmer's children provide an update on his health

American actor Van Kilmer is known for his performances in classics like Top Secret! and Top Gun as well as other critically acclaimed masterpieces including True Romance and Heat. Since 2015, there were rumours that Kilmer was battling cancer but he had maintained that such reports were false.

However, the truth eventually came out with reports confirming that the actor had been suffering from throat cancer. After undergoing multiple surgical operations on his trachea and chemotherapy, Kilmer is cancer-free now but he has to use a feeding tube because of the consequences of such intense medical procedures.

“I have been healed of cancer for over four years now, and there has never been any recurrence,” Kilmer wrote in his memoir I’m Your Huckleberry. “I am so grateful.” He also added, “I do not deny miraculous healing,” Kilmer wrote in his 2019 book. “The cancer miraculously healed much faster than any of the doctors predicted.”

Last month, a new documentary about the life of Val Kilmer premiered at Cannes. Directed by Leo Scott and Ting Poo, Val contains unseen footage which includes home movies and other interesting material that spans his entire life. The documentary received favourable reviews from critics as well as fans of the actor who found the insightful and intimate documentary to be fascinating.

 “This is over 50 years in the making,” Kilmer’s son Jack revealed in an exclusive interview with Variety. Jack also worked on the project as the narrator, providing the voice for his father’s own words. “We had the camera around all the time, with dad taking photos and videos,” he said.

“We never saw any of the footage. He just would keep creating, boxes and boxes. At a certain point we said, ‘This is enough, what are all these tapes doing?’ They all accumulated in this vault that Leo spent years going through.”

Kilmer’s daughter Mercedes offered an update on the actor’s health, claiming that, “His health is good. He’s doing really well.” Although Kilmer “doing well” and “still recovering”, Mercedes stated that “the recovery process is just as gruelling as the actual disease.”

She had this to say about Val: “He’s always had this need to document things… And then my dad got his diagnosis of cancer and they continued filming, and then they realised they have this archive, and that’s how the film this film came about. But my dad’s been making this movie for 50 years.”

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