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Credit: Meg Remy


U.S. Girls share new Christmas single 'Santa Stay Home'

U.S. Girls - 'Santa Stay Away'

Meg Remy is not only the bandleader of U.S. Girls but, it appears, also not a fan of Santa Claus. The group has now added fuel to that fire by releasing the brilliant new single ‘Santa Stay Home’ which, as well as highlighting the environmental impact of Christmas, takes aim at Jolly Old Saint Nick.

It’s hard to ignore the fact that in a world currently being crippled by a pandemic, the threat of climate change is still just as potent. Remy is keen to showcase this when she sings “With both poles melting and the seasons blending,” as a key refrain in the track, providing some of the song’s more visceral lyrics.

Why is the singer taking aim at the festivities? Meg Remy explained: “When one stops to really think about it, Santa is creepy and Christmas makes no damn sense.” With an ever-increasing pile of plastic in the ocean and consumerism at its peak during the Christmas period, Remy is reminding us all of the cost to the planet.

As a song, away from the politics of the content, it’s a typical U.S. Girls release. That means the arrangements are on point, the track bounces with the hum of Americana while still managing to feel fresh as a cool breeze. It sits, like many of the group’s songs, in a niche between indie rock and jazz, comfortably occupying a seemingly uncomfortable spot.

The only real issue with the song comes with the aforementioned politics. There’s no denying the heinous effect of climate change on the globe and, true enough, Christmas is one of the most frivolous human interactions I can think of. But with the world in such a fragile state is now the time to attack Christmas? Probably.

The point Remy is trying to make is that there is no time to waste on climate change. While we’re not sure a jaunty anti-Christmas Christmas song will necessarily move the heavy cogs of the global machine into action, it may well spark some people into reducing their waste this year and exploring how to help more effectively next year. If the song can do just that, then for Remy and U.S. Girls, we imagine, it will be like all their Christmases came at once.