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Unsigned Sunday: Strange Bones - S.O.I.A


Leaving no stone unturned in the quest to unearth some rough musical diamonds and top, undiscovered talent, Australia, Italy and America are just a few locations that have proved to be more than bountiful. Yet, Far Out’s Unsigned Sunday Track of the Day comes not from a strange foreign shore or a wild sun kissed isle this time, in fact quite the contraire, as ‘S.O.I.A’ by fierce Rock&Roll outfit ‘Strange Bones’ is shaking the city of Leeds, UK, whilst reinforcing the old cliché that sometimes the things we seek can be right under our nose, and sounds like this, may I add, are definitely what we’re looking for.

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S.O.I.A is a musical Molotov cocktail loaded with explosive attitude and doused in angst, with the tone of the track well and truly set from the off ,as we’re confronted by a sinister, grumbling bass  leading into a sharp, penetrative lead riff that exudes all the malevolence of a knuckle dusted punch, while front man Rob Bentham makes sure that both music and emotion coalesce too, with an aggressive, in your face vocal delivery and some seriously stark lyrics.

Having released a debut three track album this January, Strange Bones are in the early stages of their musical journey, yet if tunes such as this one are anything to go by, they could well be travelling for some time.

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Joshua Hevicon