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UNSIGNED SUNDAY: Saint Christina - Neon Sunrise

This week’s Unsigned Sunday Track of the Day comes from a band that as of yet seem to be shrouded in mystery.

Saint Christina arrived on the scene just this week with ‘Neon Sunrise’ – a song that comes under the category of sleek and stylish psychedelia with a shapeshifting vibrancy.

This seven-minute epic starts out sounding like a woozy piece of sugar-pop conjuring up comparisons to Lana Del Ray or even the edgier facets of Madonna’s work, but expands and lifts off into something completely different.

Balearic drum beats kick in during an exciting crescendo that takes us on the last leg of a journey that goes from the grandeur of a Bond theme to the hedonism of 90s rave and trip-hop. Fans of the likes of Portishead, Morcheeba and Saint Etienne will no doubt be thoroughly enthused.

Other than being named after the patron saint of lunatics, setting this Soundcloud a few days ago, and demonstrating they have made some pretty powerful allies already (Jesus and Mary Chain founder Douglas Hart directed the enigmatic video below), there really is very little out there about this outfit.

But based on this evidence they’re no chancers – and as more starts to trickle through through the line Saint Christina could well start to gain a reputation as being a band intent on taking pop in the right direction.

Watch the video for ‘Neon Sunrise’ directed by Douglas Hart below.

Patrick Davies