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Unsigned Sunday: RINSE - Going Under

This week’s Unsigned Sunday is a punchy piece of indie-rock from Stoke On Trent that should be the perfect remedy to get you out of the morning haze and back into the spirit of the weekend. We present to you, RINSE and ‘Going Under’.

The song opens with an almost Morello-like riff, suggesting that what is about to kick in could be something as abrasive as the tones of Zach De La Rocha and co. However, what actually transpires is a sprawling piece of rock ‘n’ roll akin to The Verve during much of the period around A Northern Soul.

On first listen, there was a slight tendency condemn this band’s output to the kind of lad-rock spheres occupied by Catfish and the Bottlemen and Blossoms (neither have really got us sold), but ‘Going Under’ offers a glimpse of something far more expansive, switching between echoey psychedelia and supercharged garage-rock.

Having only formed last year and coming armed with nothing but a trio of demos – which you can find on the band’s Soundcloud – we really are hot off the presses with this one, but based on the evidence of ‘Going Under’, it won’t be long before they’re common knowledge. Do us a favour though, remember you heard it first over at Far Out. Much appreciated x

Patrick Davies