Unsigned Sunday: Paris XY - The Return


Formed in March 2012, Paris XY has since been developing their unique sound. Combining traditional elements such as vocal and guitar with live analogue synths, drum machines and pre-sampled atmospheric soundscapes. Lyricism is in the main, taking influence from the likes of Joy Division, Radiohead, Edgar Allan Poe and Robert Browning.

The duo, currently based in Leeds, released their sixth track ‘The Return’ early January. Its obvious Paris XY is very much on a focused path with a clear direction and determination to create their dystopian, sinister sound with atmospheric soundscapes and psychologically thrilling videos to suit. Everything about PARIS XY’s delivery, from the dark soundscape of sparse guitar notes, right the way through to the haunting vocal epitomises the school of thought that creating music is catharsis, and a way to expel the emotional demons that plague us all from time to time, listening to today’s track selection, and others from the band’s impressive back catalogue, macabre influences such as Edgar allen Poe come as no surprise whatsoever.

The issue you can sometimes find with a band trying to make minimal music is that everything seems to amplify, you listen to Alice Smith’s vocals with superfluous detail yet the blues inspired front woman never falters. The other half of the band, James Orvis is the brains behind this almost industrial machine, playing guitar and pulling the strings in a partnership that seems destined for success.

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