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(Credit: Pale Waves)


Unsigned Sunday: Pale Waves - 'The Tide'

We head up to Manchester for this week’s Unsigned Sunday, which comes from Pale Waves and their track ‘The Tide’.

This one is hot off the presses given that it only appeared on the four-piece’s Soundcloud just last week.

One of the more sugary-sounding bands that Far Out has showcased recently, their output is inspired by classic 1980s pop, with a reverb-tinged guitar sound that is thoroughly danceable.

This one might be a bit straight-edged for the cynical shoegazers out there, but every now and again everyone needs a guilty pleasure.

What’s more, word on the street is that a host of labels are currently on the hunt for their signature, and with a sound as accessible as this, we may well se them gatecrashing the top 40 by the time the year is out.

Apart from this anthemic power pop anthem and the odd demo, there really isn’t that much else to go off at the moment. However, keep your eyes peeled for Pale Waves making a pretty sizeable splash (awful, apologies!) in the very near future.

Patrick Davies