Unsigned Sunday: Moonshine - At The Stake


Another Sabbath Sunday: God issues a day of rest, where as we inject some more unsigned phenomenon into the veins of all willing receivers, how apt then, we could say, that today’s featured band jump at the chance to describe their terrifically tailored musical expulsion as ‘Loud and evil Rock & Roll’… and oh my, it wasn’t a joke.

This time we’re back in states to sample the sonic delights exuded by Moonshine, the self-confessed purveyors of dystopia whose sound resembles a dirty homemade sonic bomb with a Black Sabbath shell, Rolling Stones fuse and a gunpowder body dusted in debauchery, the spark of the explosion, may I add, comes from a vicious ‘fuck it’ attitude that daubs every word Sarah Dickenson spouts.

Despite owning an impressive repertoire of wild and rowdy gun slinging whiskey saturated numbers, the track in the Far Out spotlight is ‘At The Stake’. The tone is well and truly set from the off with a pacifying attack on the senses in the form of ‘in your face’ ferocious guitar and a few very clear statements of malevolent intent by Dickenson that, reinforced by the raucous delivery, you get the impression aren’t just idle threats:

“I would like to drench you in gasoline, drop my cigarette and watch you scream, bet you wish that you never knew me”

That just being one example as lyrically the track continues to contort and aggressively twist like a vengeance seeking cobra ready to strike anything at any point… yes Moonshine are seductive, and for more than just the music they play so well.


Joshua Hevicon