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(Credit: Roberta Parkin)


Watch previously unseen footage of Oasis performing 'Live Forever' at Knebworth


Ahead of the release of the concert film from Knebworth in 1996, Oasis have shared previously unseen footage of them flying through ‘Live Forever’ in front of 125,000 fans.

The new footage is a teaser of what to expect from the new Jake Scott-directed documentary about the two famous Knebworth shows which defined the ’90s and proved to be the pinnacle for Oasis. The film is set to be screened in cinemas worldwide from September 23rd and promises to tell “the story of that weekend and the special relationship between Oasis and their fans that made it possible”.

Furthermore, the film’s footage also features Noel Gallagher, who reflected upon how ‘Live Forever’ changed Oasis’ luck in an instant. “We were a pretty decent band the night before I wrote ‘Live Forever’, but it was indie music,” he said. “The day after I wrote ‘Live Forever’, we were gonna be the biggest band in the world. I knew it.”

Speaking in 2009 to The Guardian, guitarist Paul’ Bonehead’ Arthurs said, “I always thought we should have bowed out after the second night at Knebworth.”

There’s a reason why the band’s last film, Supersonic, ended with their performance at Knebworth. Things could only go downhill from there, yet, for that weekend, nothing else in the world mattered. Oasis had finally become the biggest band in the world, and even though their stay didn’t last forever, that remains an indisputable fact.

This clip from Knebworth is enough of a reason to count down the days until September 23rd, when the concert will finally be able to be viewed in high-quality after a quarter of a century.