Sex Pistols drummer Paul Cook discusses potential live reunion
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The history of punk in 200 songs: A 13-hour chronological playlist from 1965 to 2019

Punk rock, a music genre that broke into the mainstream during the mid-1970s may seem like one of the decade’s better inventions. But the truth is, it has its perfectly dirty roots firmly planted in 1960s garage rock scene before it took the alternative music world by storm

The fast-paced, aggressive songs stripped-down the rock instrumentation and set about tackling hard-hitting themes of the societal, political and environmental with his uncompromising anti-establishment lyrics.

With the likes of X-Ray Spex, Crass, The Cramps, Sex Pistols and more, punk arrived to change the landscape of rock music and they weren’t doing things quietly. In fact, they never did anything even remotely quietly.

Given the huge amount of DIY independent record labels and venues that pioneered the movement, punk music gave the working class a voice, a platform to discuss the topics that mattered to them most and they did so without holding back. Tracing the steps of punk, a playlist has arrived on Spotify to chronologically map out a timeline of punk and its development through the years.

“This list is an evolution of punk as best as I can do with the bands on Spotify,” the creator, Scott Harding said in a post on Reddit. “The order is by year the band started. No, not every punk band will be listed here because that would be impossible for me to do, but I think I did a good job. It is in chronological order by year the band formed starting with bands that may not be punk but had influence on the first punk bands.”

Harding added: “Also, the songs of each artist are songs they were singing within the first year they were a band (to the best of my ability using what Spotify offers), so they may not be considered punk now, but they were considered punk when they started as a band. I plan on keeping it going until the present time.”

In what starts out with the likes of Chuck Berry, Ronnie Cook and The Gaylads, The Sonics and more, soon ends up with the hard-hitting numbers of DEVO, the Ramones, Sex Pistols, Blondie The Clash and other notable punk stalwarts.

The most recent addition, at the time of writing, comes in the shape of the Los Angeles-based group Fine Dining.

Stream the mammoth playlist, below.

(Via Reddit / Open Culture)

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