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Ultimate Painting share first track from new album 'Up!'

The ever prolific Ultimate Painting, the duo of Jack Cooper and James Hoare have announced new album Up! with a new track ‘Not Gonna Burn Myself Anymore’ and it’s obviously bloody brilliant.

The new album, the follow up to 2016’s Dusk, is highly anticipated not least of all because of their recent signing to one of favourite labels Bella Union. The new LP Up! will be out via Bella Union on April 6th and based on the new track it will be another classic.

“We both initially had the idea that we wanted to make a record that had more of an electronic element,” James Hoare said. “We thought we’d try to go slightly more in that direction. Drum machines, synths and so on.”

Jack Cooper adds: “We started to question what people wanted from us and in the process I think we briefly lost the idea of what the band was.”

“If it ends tomorrow, I’d feel really good about the work we’ve done together. There’s a cohesion to it but most of all they’re records that we made of music that we wanted to hear. We don’t really have an agenda other than that.”

With all that in mind, give the new track a listening and try not to float off to another dimensional plain, as can so often happening listening to Ultimate Painting.