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Ultimate Painting - Riverside


Ultimate Painting are turning out to be a collaborative colossus. The ease with which James Hoare (Veronica Falls) and Jack Cooper (Mazes) merge their respective styles and the astuteness one only receives from wearing dressing gowns and smoking pipes is a sight to behold. They have a new video for ‘Riverside’ so it has to be our Track of the Day.

Coming from some of the UKs fieriest chillies on the hot lips of the industry with Veronica Falls and Mazes, Hoare and Cooper have pulled off the great trick of encompassing their own band’s style whilst not letting their previous work with others define them together.

The band’s first ever video ‘riverside’ was directed by NYC based Elizabeth Skadden who had this to say “I was inspired by the theme of autonomy within the song to create this piece featuring a small child testing his independence on a day out with his single father. Shot on discontinued super 8 film, the pair wake up and have a run around a cemetery before dad carries our protagonist back home. We see the son riding a park train all by himself in the organ break, foreshadowing his future autonomous self”.  

The video is as deeply nostalgic and resonant as the track and rings true throughout touching on the band’s 60’s influences. By using only analogue recording equipment James and Jack only further affirm these influences and leave the band hinting at melancholy melodies and the beauty of this subtly simple sound. The pure reticence of the music speaks volumes and loudly states Ultimate Painting as the incredible artists their name suggests.

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Catch them on tour now.

27 January – The Fleece, Bristol (w/White Fence)
28 January – Kraak Gallery, Manchester (w/White Fence)
29 January – The 100 Club, London (w/White Fence)
30 January – Sticky Mike’s, Brighton (w/White Fence)
4-6 September – End Of The Road Festival, Dorset

Jack Whatley