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Ulrika Spacek new single & EP in collaboration with Record Store Day

Following the release of their second album Modern English Decoration last year, London-based art-rock five-piece Ulrika Spacek are back with new EP Suggestive Listening, which is set for release April 21st via Tough Love Records for Record Store Day.

“Lyrically this release came out of a time of common late 20’s existentialism, a time of huge self doubt and questioning in many aspects of our lives,” the band said before adding: “In a time where we were struggling to find clarity we wanted our music to express the opposite”. This is also reflected in the choice of artwork for the release, which not only bears the record’s lyrics, but also song lengths and the very definition of an E.P itself. Additionally, fans may note that there are two different coloured front covers, one pink, one blue, each limited to 500 copies.

This change in approach was foreshadowed around the release of Modern English Decoration, when they claimed that, “We won’t return to this sound again. Though as fanatical fans of music, we feel the beauty lies in how these different offshoots go on to inform our future records.”

In preparation of its release, Oysterland, a night curated by Ulrika Spacek, will take place the night before at Doomed Gallery in London. The E.P will be played back-to-back in exhibit form, with the layers of instrumentation played on separate speakers. Audience members are invited to make their way around the gallery allowing a personal and unique listening experience. Speakers will be positioned inwards so that audience members can either walk through the musical layers of the E.P or position themselves in the middle of the room where all parts come together.

25th – Corsica Studios, London, UK

10th – Psych Over 9000 @ Kolonie, Gent, BE
12th – Le Beau Festival @ Le Trabendo, Paris, FR
19th – Schon Schon, Mainz, GE
20th – Volksbuhne, Berlin, GE