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U.S. Girls share 'Overtime' the first cut from new album 'Heavy Light'


Meg Remy enjoyed a notable 2018 when her project U.S. Girls and it’s album In A Poem Unlimited became the talk of the town. Now, Ryan is back with the first cut from the new record – ‘Overtime’ is our Track of the Day.

As soon as we heard 2018’s In A Poem Unlimited we knew we had found something special. Considering it was her sixth record, we may have been just a touch behind the curve but the album was so insanely good that it blew all that worry away.

The record is a near-perfect blend of American soul, as sweet and spicy as it can get, with a heavy dose of indie-pop sensibilities. Judging by new cut, ‘Overtime’ the next record is going to be another helping of that same American pie.

The lead single from new album Heavy Light, which arrives on March 6th via 4AD, picks up where the previous record left off. Grabbing us by the scruff of the necks ‘Overtime’ takes us down the backstreets of the States’ saxophone-flecked underbelly.

The single even comes complete with a stunning video that acts as Remy’s debut into directing. The leading lady of the U.S. Girls project takes on directing as well as filming and editing the video which stars Andrea Nann delivering a stunning interpretive dance number.

It’s a winning combination that has us thinking that despite the threat of WWIII as well as impending extinction from the climate crisis, 2020 might not be such a bad year after all if we can get another U.S. Girls record in the meantime.

Listen below to U.S. Girls’ latest track ‘Overtime’ taken from their upcoming new album Heavy Light

Heavy Light tracklisting:

01 4 American Dollars
02 Overtime
03 IOU
04 Advice to Teenage Self
05 State House (It’s a Man’s World)
06 Born to Lose
07 And Yet It Moves / Y Se Mueve
08 The Most Hurtful Thing
09 Denise, Don’t Wait
10 Woodstock ’99
011 The Color of Your Childhood Bedroom
12 The Quiver to the Bomb
13 Red Ford Radio