Ty Segall, The Melvins & OFF! team up to form Broken Bat

We love a good supergroup here a Far Out…

Although they can occasionally transpire to be a fruitless exercise in self indulgence, the news that three of our favourite rockers have come together to form a new project called Broken Bat is music to our ears.

Fuzzy psych-rocker Ty Segall has joined forces with Dale Crover from The Melvins and Steve McDonald from OFF! to create the new band.

What’s more, the trio have offered intrigued fans a tantalising taster of what is to come by posting a short preview of their sound on Bandcamp.

Although there hasn’t been any concrete news on when we can expect a full release, the Bandcamp page showcases a track called ‘Take My Medicine’, which sounds like a rip-roaring grunge banger.

On the edge of your seat? We certainly are. So keep your eyes peeled for more music from this exciting new project in the coming weeks.

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